About Remarkable SMM agency

Remarkable.ru is an agency of interactive marketing. There are 4 main areas of our work.

* consulting and UGM-monitoring,
* Blogger Relations and Public Relations 2.0,
* effective sites and blogs development,
* WEB 2.0 promotion.

We base our internet projects on Open Marketing principles and predominantly utilize non-standard innovative promotion methods, invented specifically to meet your needs. We know blogosphere and Social Media in Russia like palm of our hands. We've found Play Marketing to be very successful and friendly strategy. Our customers love it!

Many businesses launched their blogs inspired with the bestseller “Blogs. New Sphere of Influence” written by Anton Popov, the CEO of Remarkable.Ru.

We've been providing professional service in marketing and PR on social networking sites in Russia since 2007.

Probably you need it right now:
o Monitoring of blogs and social media for brands mentions, including sentiments analysis, dinamics of releted themes
o Developing and moderation of stand-alone and blog-hosted brand communities (at LiveJournal.com, Ya.ru, Mail.ru, LiveInternet.ru).
o Relations with self-organized consumers: support of fan communities, holding of competitions, flash mobs and virus campaigns for online communities.
o “Content Accelerators” implementation: increasing of reach by announcing and sharing content.
o Advertising in blogs, RSS feeds, podcasts, video clips.
o Integrated special projects (Vkontakte.ru, Odnoklassniki.ru, Mail.ru)
o Widgets production and placement.
o Supportive contextual and web advertising.

Please contact us
email: consult@remarkable.ru
phone: +7 (495) 4565308
skype: popoff.anton
site: www.remarkable.ru

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